WORKING for the LORD: Even during a crisis

By Pat Sabiston

The COVID-19 pandemic has created both public health and an economic crisis in the US that has disrupted lives and created a global economic slowdown (Brookings report).

And yet, Colossians 3:23 is clear —“Whatever you do, work heart

ily as for the Lord and not for men.” To which Rev. David Jeremiah added, “We should stop worrying about what we can’t do, and start doing what we can do.” And that’s how this article begins—with three Christian families doing just that!

Janice and Steve Milesic, owners of two Mattress Markets in Vero Beach, were very candid about their response to the government instructions.

Steve & Janice Milesic.

“Initially, when they issued the order to close in March, we closed down, and it was tough,” Steve said. “My wife and I complied with the shutdown order, but on our website, we offered sales ‘by appointment only,’ meeting customers one at a time, following health protocols for safety.”

But the Milesics received mixed messages in that some of their competitors were able to open and were providing services. Yet, government officials told them they were not essential and could not open. Once the couple explained they provided beds to nursing homes, they were deemed “essential,” but only for limited hours.

“During March and April, we lost a lot of volume, but I had faith in the Lord. I wasn’t fearful or afraid, but had calm due to my faith walk,” Steve said. “Even though we were facing this economic crisis, we’d just come off a difficult season in our marriage, yet I had such peace. Even though lenders weren’t lending and every industry was affected, I kept telling our family, ‘We must trust God. He brought us to this point; I’m sure He will carry us through.’”

By Divine Providence through the Paycheck Protection Program, Steve was able to pay his staff. In May, his business suddenly rebounded, perhaps due, in part, to pent-up demand after people received stimulus checks.

“With further assistance from an SBA loan, we were able to grow and expand,” Steve said. “Several of our competitors had to shut down, so we thank God for His provision, in that we now own a second store.”

Rodney Brown, Taking Ground Lawn & Landscape, Inc. partner shares that his business was born in a prayer room.

Joel Bray and Rodney Brown.

“I was driving a tow truck and my friend, Joel Bray, was a mechanic,” Rod-ney explained. “He and I were in prayer about