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The 16th annual Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast will be a virtual event this April 3, with speakers

Kevin and Sam Sorbo at “The Return.”

from previous events making return appearances.

Last year’s breakfast was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The idea of holding a virtual Prayer Breakfast is gaining ground,” said John Bona, who founded the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast in 2005. “So for this year, we are planning a kind of reunion where past speakers will address the faithful live, through live stream video.”

Some of those Bona mentioned for the Prayer Breakfast include former speakers Jonathan Cahn, Anne Graham Lotz, Kirk Cameron, David Jeremiah, Dr. Alveda C. King, and Pat Boone. A more detailed line-up will be announced closer to the event, with each speaker making short, 5-10 minute presentations over the Internet.

A new addition to the line-up will be an appearance by actor Kevin Sorbo, star of the television series’ Hercules and Andromeda, and a leading actor in a variety of faith-based and independent movies through his production company Sorbo Family Film Studios. Sorbo moved to Florida about two years ago, settling in Tampa. He recently relocated to West Palm Beach with his wife Sam and their three children.

Sorbo met Bona at “The Return” last September in Washington D.C. and agreed to speak at this year’s Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast. “The Return” was a National Day of Prayer and Repentance that brought thousands to the National Mall to pray for America and its people.

“I met John last year when he and his son Matt spoke at ‘The Return’ in Washington, D.C.,” said Sorbo in a recent phone interview with Connecting NowFaith. “I spoke there, my wife spoke there, and we did a prayer there as well.”

Speaking about his faith is something Sorbo does on a regular basis and he shares his message with audiences through the more than 40 independent and faith-based movies he has completed.

“I’ve done a couple of Prayer Breakfasts in the past; I probably do about 15 speaking events each year but last year, most were canceled because of the pandemic,” Sorbo said.

Also planning to appear virtually is Guy Penrod, the former lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band. Penrod is one of the most in-demand touring artists in Christian music, and has also appeared at “The Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville.

Bona said the Prayer Breakfast will be live-streamed on the Internet and to local churches so people can watch together with their congregation. There will be no charge to participate.

“We are going virtual this year,” said Bona. “If people want to come together and watch, some of our local churches will make the live stream available. I’m sure the Prayer Breakfast will provide a message of hope and encouragement, something we all need right now.”

“We need more principled filmmakers and storytellers who can weave moral fabric back into our culture. We need to compete in the marketplace of influence in a positive way and shout Truth from the mountaintops.” – Kevin Sorbo, speaking at The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer And Repentance (September 25, 2020).

The 16th Annual Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast takes place on Saturday morning, April 3, and will be

a virtual event. The event will be live-streamed on the Internet and to local churches. More information will be posted at when it becomes available.


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