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Buggy Bunch Children’s Ministry Director Christa Goldsmith, Program Director Jen Graves, Parent Coordinator April Muller, Administrative Assistant Calista Littleton, Keynote Speaker Pam Tebow, Executive Director Tara Wright, Shawna Carroll, Development Director Leslie Bowen, Event Facilitator Jordyn Turek.

When Pam Tebow first heard about the wonderful programs for moms and their children at Vero Beach’s “The Buggy Bunch,” she knew it was a program she wanted to learn more about.

So when she was invited to speak on February 22 at “The Buggy Bunch’s” annual dinner for members and donors, she jumped at the chance.

“I love to talk about influence,” said Pam, the mother of five children and ten grandchildren. “And if there was ever an influential group, ‘The Buggy Bunch’ is it. They’re impacting lives and generations of lives.”

Pam has appeared on “Good Morning America” and ESPN. She has received national awards for her ministry work, including the Commission for Women’s “Inspiring Woman of the Year” in 2013 and the “National Pro-Life Recognition Award” in 2017. Her youngest son Tim is a Heisman Trophy winner and a former NFL football and MLB player.

The author of the book “Ripple Effects,” Pam believes every woman can be influential. In her book, she uncovers and explores the miraculous, motivating power of influence women can have on this generation and the next, no matter where they are planted in life.

“There are so many different facets to The Buggy Bunch’s ministry but I love the fact they have done everything they can do to encourage these moms and to build them up to be excited about motherhood and not be too overwhelmed,” said Pam. “They provide families with so many tools and it’s such an incredible ministry. I wish it was multiplied across the country.”

And Pam knows a lot about motherhood, raising three sons and two daughters along with her husband Bob. Together, the couple serves as missionaries in the Philippines and

still remains active in the ministry. But through it all, it is motherhood that has remained her primary focus, and although her children are grown, she still plays an important part in their lives.

“Early on, I decided that as a mom, my role was to impact their lives so when they leave home, they could impact the lives of the people in their sphere,” said Pam.

“I would encourage them in different ways to have their own ripple effect, to make a difference. I had to go to the Lord to get His wisdom so my children could make a difference in the world and impact the people around them.”

Tara Wright, Executive Director of The Buggy Bunch, said Pam’s enthusiasm for motherhood and God’s design for the family made her the perfect speaker for the group’s annual dinner.

“Our goal was to celebrate and praise God for all he’s done for us and our families,” said Wright. “Pam spoke so beautifully and eloquently about how she has lived out her

role as a mother herself and how she is such a strong supporter of other mothers.”

There was also a message designed for the many supporters in the community who have given so generously to make the ministry of The Buggy Bunch a reality.

“When we give with our hearts and are generous with what God has given to us, it goes on to impact so many lives,” said Wright. “And that’s what Pam was talking about ... the real ripple effect.”


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