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Their parents Bill and Lucy, raised the four boys, with Bill being the oldest. The spirit of

Doug & Elena Marine (Members of Oceans Unite Christian Center) with Bill & Pat Marine (Members of First United Methodist Church).

philanthropy was a core value in their family; their father was a coach, teacher, and administrator for the Indian River County School District and later served as chairman of the Indian River County School Board. All four sons were expected to give back, to help others in the community who were not quite as fortunate as they were.

“I was raised in a Christian family, introduced early in life, to the spiritual disciplines of giving,” said Bill Marine. “But I know what it is like not to have much when you’re growing up. I always said if I’m blessed to have something, I want to give back, and that’s what drives our philanthropy.”

Their business has supported Indian River County with numerous charitable acts. They have given generously to nonprofits focusing on Christian outreach and missions, education, mental health, economic development, and the revitalization of low- and moderate-income areas.

Programs they support include the Women’s Refuge, Buggy Bunch, Care Net, the House of Transfiguration, and many others. As community leaders, Bill Marine and Doug Marine believe purpose and passion are integrally connected.

Impacting the community is more than writing a check or organizing a project – it is sharing the love of Jesus Christ whenever they can make a difference. Bill has been a leader in the First United Methodist Church in Vero Beach for more than 30 years and has served on more than 15 mission trips. Doug regularly opens his home to his church, Oceans Unite, for special gatherings and fundraisers. His family is actively involved in all areas of the ministry, including the House of Transfiguration, a local homeless outreach for women with children.

One of Bill and Doug’s life lessons learned from their father was always to approach something you dislike with the same energy you put toward something you love. When you do that, rewards will come.

“My father always told me to ‘finish the job, son,’” Bill said. “Whatever it takes, whether you like it or not, just finish the job. If God puts something in front of you, he wants you to take advantage of it. God blesses those who bless him.”

Chase Anderson, who handles operations, finance, and marketing for Agricultural Services International, said a biblical foundation and a strong faith are the two best tools a business owner can have at their disposal.

“God is our partner and leader in all ventures, including business,” said Chase. “This principle allows us to view our employees as family, apply God’s universal wisdom to any situation, and most importantly, to invite Him into the daily operations that His will may be done.”

Just as it is vital for individuals to be involved in their communities, it is equally important for businesses to be involved, Chase said.

“Businesses have the expertise, resources, and capabilities that allow them to have a remarkable impact. Our advice to other businesses is simple: get started; stick to it; and eventually, community involvement will become an integral part of your business.”

Agricultural Services International (ASI) is trusted by farmers throughout Florida, the United States, and internationally. For more information, go to or call 772-468-0888.


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