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op-selling Christian musicians Casting Crowns typically play arenas. But this year, the band was doing drive-in’s and one of those stops was right here in Vero Beach on May 23 at

Riverside Park.

At what was originally conceived as a way for people to stay in their cars and enjoy the music under the stars, the event quickly turned into a performance for more than 6,500 people, said concert promoter Cameron Mays from Next Level Productions.

“There was a great turnout,” said Mays. “When we saw 1,500 cars show up, we converted it from a typical drive-in to a regular concert where people could get out of their cars and experience the show up close. It was truly an amazing night.”

Most of the time, Mays said, concertgoers put lounge chairs out in front of their cars and settle in for two hours of inspirational music. As a result, people have space to enjoy the show with friends and family, enjoying a friendly vibe throughout the show.

Mays worked with Casting Crowns on the three concerts the band performed in Florida. Their performance in West Palm Beach was the last night of the 30-city drive-in tour. The band is looking forward to getting back to performing in arenas where variables like the weather won’t interfere with their tour dates, Mays said.

Crystal Cade from Vero Beach was one of the thousands who attended the show and said she was happy people could get out of their cars and enjoy the music with one another.

“It was a wonderful night,” said Cade. “You could feel the power of the Lord coming through in the music. Having so many people in one place singing the Lord’s praises was so inspiring.”

Getting the band back to perform in Vero Beach might be difficult, Mays admits because production costs are high and there is no suitable indoor venue.

“At the beginning, we said we’re only going to do this one time,” said Mays. “We viewed it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. But so many people have asked us to do it again, and we’ve had so many compliments about the show that it’s hard not to consider it.”

Since its debut album in 2003, Casting Crowns has hit the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts several times and has had numerous No. 1 hits on the Christian charts. Of the band’s 17 albums, seven have sold more than a million copies each.

Casting Crowns music is so inspiring and uplifting that it was hard not to get drawn into the show, said Joe Semkow, who photographed their performance in Vero Beach. Semkow used a drone to shoot overhead pictures of the concert showing the large crowd.

“Everyone came together that night to have a good time,” said Semkow. “There was a beautiful sunset, and people were dancing and singing to the music. I think people were so happy to be out and about.”

Casting Crowns is heading out on the road this fall with its “Only Jesus Tour.” Although the band won’t be stopping in Vero Beach, fans can still see them on Oct. 21 in St. Augustine and Oct. 22 in Estero, Florida.

For more information, head to the group’s Facebook page at


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